Experience the most efficient water solution with Crystal Plus UV. The reliable water purifier does not just give you pure water, but also ensures that the water you drink is crystal clear with no viruses, bacteria, protozoa or other new age contaminants.

Key Features

Patented Mineral
Guard+ Technology

The Patented Mineral Guard Technology helps to retain all essential natural minerals such as Calcium & Magnesium which provides a perfect blend of safe and healthy water.

+Patent No. 281750
UV e-boiling

Ensures that each drop of water is as pure & healthy as water boiled for 20+ minutes.

Best Option for Municipal Water

The water purifier is suitable for TDS up to 200 mg/litres.

Long Cartridge Life

Long Cartridge Life of 1 year or 6000 litres, whichever is earlier (Basis standard test conditions as mentioned in user manual).

Supreme Aesthetics

A superior purifier with compact & stylish design that enhances your kitchen aesthetics.

Flexible Installation

The purifier can be kept on the counter or easily wall mounted.

Smart LED Indication

Alerts for service, End of Life of cartridges, filter life warning & electronic errors.

High Water Dispensing rate

High-flow rate of 2 litres/minute.

Other Features

Energy Saving

Auto shut off feature that turns off the UV lamp when it is not in use for 10 minutes, thus enhancing the life of UV lamp. This ensures in power conservation which in turn helps you save on monthly bills.



Removes fine suspended particles such as dust, dirt, mud & sand from water.

Mineral Guard+

Retains essential natural minerals like Calcium & Magnesium in water.


Reduces excess chlorine & organic impurities in water while absorbing bad taste & odour.

UV e-boiling

Ensures that each drop of water is as pure & healthy as water boiled for 20+ minutes.

+Patent No. 281750
This water flow diagram is for representational purposes only, kindly refer the product user manual for actual water flow diagram.